A modern day horror

It has finally happened. The unthinkable has become believable: my blog is back.

Like a modern day Frankenstein’s monster, my blog has risen from its premature grave, stitched back together by a merciless creator who knows not what horror he is about to unleash unto the world.

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but the fact remains that this is an event worth remarking upon. I originally started a blog on blogspot way back in 2008, while I was still attending college as an English major. My updates became more infrequent until they stopped altogether, mostly due to the increasing demands of schoolwork. When your degree is on the line, college takes precedence over all other writing, no matter how enjoyable it may be. Unfortunately, my brief stint away from my blog turned from weeks, to months, then finally years. It eventually faded from my memory, like an evanescent dream in the light of morning (though obviously my hoity-toity English lessons haven’t suffered the same fate).

Just this morning, however, I managed to stumble on my old blog, and my eagerness to start writing “publicly” again was palpable. So here we are: a fresh new beginning, and hopefully the start of an entertaining, fun blog enjoyable for all.

Until next time.


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